Now, I don’t know about you but I bloody love a chocolatey snack, I probably always will. My choice of snack in any situation will always be chocolate, I just can’t help it, I am convinced it’s hardwired into my dna to love it! Naturally, As Easter has come around, I couldn’t help but make some delicious crispy treats (I did also make a tonne of Easter cookies too but I forgot to take any pictures and I’ve basically eaten them all now, sorry!!)

So, if you’re interested this is how I made them!
This recipe makes 12.

1. A bowl of your favourite cereal (I used Frosties and Rice Krispies)
2. 220g of plain chocolate
3. Mini eggs and even tinier ones
4. Cupcake cases (I forgot them when I made these, baking paper works well too!)
5. A saucepan
6. A mixing bowl
7. A spoon


1. Break the chocolate into a bowl in small piece and melt over a saucepan of simmering water
2. Pour the melted chocolate over your cereal and mix until all the piece are covered
3. Pop the chocolate mix into cupcake cases
4. DECORATE! Make sure to pop your mini eggs on before the chocolate sets or they won’t        5. Put them in the fridge to set! ( I left mine over night but they only really need a few hours)


A quick and easy, not too messy but super yummy Easter treat!
Obviously one of the best things about these is that they are so super simple and not too messy to make! There’s no baking required and you can just make as many or as little as possible!
You can use all kinds of decorations, I only went with mini eggs because I love them with a passion and I saw the tiny ones in Tesco and couldn’t pass on that because they’re soooo cute!

Anyway, I hope that if you do recreate these, you love them as much as I do!







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