It is no secret whatsoever that I am a huge makeup lover.
I own seven hundred of everything and will continue to buy more.
Out of all the brands out there though, I have never owned any Morphe products. I’ve definitely thought about it but to be honest, I forgot that you could even buy it in the UK as I’m so used to just not being able to buy certain products without having to pay a customs fee that is equivalent to a small mortgage.
However, one morning I checked my emails to see that Beauty Bay was having an up to 40% off sale on all Morphe products so naturally I turned over to my boyfriend and told him that I hoped he was prepared to go into some debt because I was going to spend my entire paycheck (obvs joking..kinda) so I had a little nosy through the site, a lot of it was out of stock because the makeup community goes a lil crazy when there is a sale lets be real but I did pick up a couple of things.


I am a huge eyeshadow palette girl, I want to own every single one I see (it’s a real issue) and a lot of the ones I wanted like the 350 and the Jaclyn Hill collab were out of stock but I stumbled across one of the medium sized palettes that is warm tone heaven I swear. The one I went for in the end was the “Happy Hour” (15H) palette and I won’t lie, I was a little sceptical about whether it would live up to the hype that Youtube and Instagram have given it but OH MY GOODNESS YES.  It is a phenomenal palette, hands down one of the best ones that I now own. I have some super high end products that don’t perform as well as this one does and this is only a fraction of the cost.
At full price it retails for £15 which to me is SO reasonable for 15 shades. 6 shimmers and the rest are matte shades. So buttery, so soft. The pigment is definitely there, you only need to tap your brush into the pan to get an immense colour pay off, especially with the shimmers they are just “pow” no need for any fix+ to pack that extra punch of colour, it is already there.


I also picked up a travel set of brushes, I live away from my family so I thought it would be handy for when I am travelling to see them so I wouldn’t have to bring my entire brush collection along with me.
I ended up buying the Set 706 – A 12 piece black and white travel brush set. It is mostly eye brushes with a couple face brushes for blush and contour purposes, I apply my foundation with a beauty blender so I wasn’t concerned about the lack of flat top foundation brush (it does come with a paddle brush that can be used for foundation but I personally hate them for that) but again, they did not disappoint. They are SO soft which is quite important to me as my skin is quite sensitive and none of the brushes absorb any products which is obviously a huge bonus as you’re not wasting product!  I have also washed them after using them all week and they clean super quick, the colour just runs straight out and they keep their softness after washing, which some brushes don’t and they have a super quick dry time too. Obviously they’re a travel set so they come in a quite little black and white striped box which is great for storage.
The brushes retail for £25 at full price which, again, I think is really reasonable when that’s 12 different brushes and a box to keep them in.


Overall, the quality of the products is insane, wayyyy better than I ever expected and you’re getting so much out of them for your money. It’s definitely worth the spend and I am 100% going to buy more, I’ve got my eye on some more of their eyeshadow palettes and I definitely want to ty out some more of their face products and their liquid lipsticks as I have heard some great things about them too!

What are your thoughts on Morphe? and what (if any) products or brands out their that you’d like me to test/review and see if it’s worth the hype?

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