Self care is a pretty difficult thing to do constantly and I know that I don’t put as much time and effort in to myself as I probably should. I’m in a bit of a rut with my routine where it’s: Get up, makeup on, hair brushed, out the door, get home, tie my hair in a top knot, wipe my makeup off with a baby wipe and go to sleep and even typing it out I can see how much of a crappy routine that is.

So recently, I’ve been trying to make more time for myself and not rush through everything so I can be out the door and on to the next thing I have to do. So here are some of the things I’ve been doing to look after myself a bit more.

  1. SKIN CARE – I am terrible at looking after my skin. I am awful at it and then wonder why the fuck I wake up with a new spot every day. I’m not one for a hella elaborate skin care routine but instead of baby wipes that are super drying on my skin, I’ve been using a makeup cloth type thing that is reusable so also better for the environment (yay) and then whacking on some Botanicals “All bright Gentle Cleansing Cream” rinsing it off and adding the matching toner and voila but it makes a huge difference to how my skin feels and only takes me 5 minutes!

2. WRITING – I have really struggled recently with my head just constantly running and seeming to never switch off especially as I am in full wedding planning mode and all that has helped has been grabbing one of my trillions of note books and getting everything out on the pages. It has massively helped calm the buzz in my head and to have all my ideas in one place is actually really helpful.

3. PODCASTS – I have loved listening to podcasts recently. They have become my new favourite thing. I have them playing constantly, they really help me to wind down after a busy day. I’ll listen to them in the bath, whilst I’m working out, cooking dinner. 90% of the time I’ve got one on. Some of my favourites are: Ear Biscuits – Rhett and Link
Directionally Challenged – Candice King and Kayla Ewell
Schnitt Talk – Ellie Schnitt

4. SLEEP – Such an obvious one but make sure you’re getting enough sleep! I know I don’t sleep enough but I am desperately trying too. With a new work schedule that came with my promotion, my routine got flipped a bit but I am now making sure I get a solid 7-8 hours a night or otherwise I can’t function as a normal human being.

What do you guys do to wind down on an evening? Let me know!

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