I have been a Lush fan for as long as I can remember. There’s something about going in store and being over whelmed by any and all fragrances and let’s be real, all bath bombs and bubble bars look so cute that it’s kind of hard not to spend hours getting lost in the swirl of “Oh, what’s that?” or “I haven’t used that before, add it to the basket” and before you know it, you’ve got £500 worth of face masks and bath bombs that will last you until the bloody apocalypse.

So when I was in town the other day and mentioned that I wanted to stock up my stash did we pop in and there was the Valentines launch front and centre.
Honestly the first thing my eyes saw were the Aubergine and the Peach emoji styled bath bombs because of my sense of humour and I thought it was hilarious and actually a really clever idea, but mostly just funny. So they were the first ones that we picked up and then we stumbled across this cute blue and pink boat called the Love Boat and naturally, that went straight in the basket too because what 20 year old doesn’t want a bath bomb boat in their tub? Whilst I was at it, I also picked up my favourite bomb which is the Intergalactic and my favourite bubble bar, The Comforter (both amazing but the Comforter smells like Ribena to me which is actually a really comforting smell so it works!

I do wanna start with the ones that aren’t apart of the Valentines collection and just say that Intergalactic will always be in my top 3, easily! It’s the beautiful swirl of blues and pinks and yellows and a fuck tonnes of glitter to make you feel like you’re floating in the milky way. It’s beautiful but just a psa that the glitter is very difficult to get off your tub but totally worth it.
Of course, The Comforter. My favourite bubble bar, the only thing I re purchase every single time I go into store. My Ribena bubble bath dream. That is all.

Now on to the Valentines, lovey stuff.

First one I used was the Peachy bath bomb (which you can buy here: Peachy Bath bomb) which retails for £3.95. This was everything I hoped it would be. It created the peachiest bath of all my dreams. It fizzed out peach and pink tones and a fair few bubbles that twisted into this sparkly peach dream that made my skin feel lovely and obvs smelt like peaches and I felt SO content that I could have stayed in that dreaminess for the rest of my life. Deffo not an exaggeration. Not at all.

Next up is the Love Boat (which you can get here: Love Boat) and this retails for £4.50 – This has the prettiest blue and pink swirl with cute little love heart shaped oil beads that made my skin feel wonderful. It eventually evened out to a beautiful pink pink tone with some sparkles in it and it made the room smell like literal sweets and as someone who loves sweets, let me tell ya it was heavenly!

And lastly, the one we’ve all been waiting for, the Aubergine (which you can get here: Aubergine) and this goes for £3.95. I will say that out of all of them this was my favourite. Not just because it is wonderful and funny to look at but I lurvee the colour and it smelled like Parma Violets and that makes it an automatic win in my book. This one stayed purple throughout, it didn’t throw out 50,000 different colours before settling into what it should look like. Again, it had some sparkles in it (I’m pretty sure that’s just the norm for all bath bombs) but these actually washed out of my bathtub and didn’t cling to the sides like the Peachy one did so another win for the Aubergine. 

So, overall, I love the Valentines collection. Apart from some glitter clinging to every surface of me and my bathroom which I fear I will never manage to completely remove, it’s great! It’s a fun, cheeky collection that’s worth the purchase!

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