I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t really taken the time to appreciate where I live for a long time. I live in a beautiful city but do I acknowledge that half the time? Nope. I go straight from work to home and because the city centre is my main town where I run errands, instead of enjoying my surroundings, I’m head down just trying to get from point A to point B without being hit by a cyclist (those fuckers come out of nowhere.)

So I made it my mission to go out and appreciate Cambridge for the city it is and because it’s a bit of a hotspot for tourists, I compiled a little list of some of my favourite places to visit that isn’t just the shopping centres or Primark.

Toni’s Ice cream cones are the best. If you see a stall, get some!

Is probably one of the best spots to go to. You have access to main town from Quayside, you’ve got the river to go punting on (it’s a lil on the expensive side but a river tour of Cambridge is definitely something you should do at least once.) It’s super relaxing and a great summer activity and there’s a whole street and courtyard full of restaurants and cafes to grab something to eat. It’s easily one of the most photographable places too, so if you wanna get some IG snaps, this is the place!

Jesus Green is home to what can only be described as the prettiest row of trees to exist. They are the background for multiple photos of mine and Sams as they just make the shot tbh. It’s a super pretty place in general and a great place to take a picnic. It’s also along the river that joins to the loch so you get to see some pretty cool boats and only 5 minutes from the town centre! Obviously in the summer you get the trees in full bloom which is super pretty but it’s just as beautiful in the winter too!

All of the colleges are a staple when you visit Cambridge, there are SO many and they are all so unbelievably beautiful and huge that it’s basically a sin if you don’t go and have a look at them. The main one being Kings College and it’s also mine and the rest of the worlds favourite.
I’m not gonna lie, it is always real busy especially when the weather is nice but it is so worth going to see, it’s just so grand and ugh amazing.

There are so many backstreets that join onto the main city centre but seriously, have a wonder down them. I lived here for 2 years before I realised that there was a Space NK tucked in a back street (Trinity Street if you wanna find it!) There’s a multitude of hidden gems and cosy book shops that I didn’t know existed until recently from just wondering around. Get down them, they are typically quieter too so make for a really lovely slow wonder round so you can take it all in.

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