We’ve all been there. The ideas no longer flow like they used too, the enthusiasm seemingly disappeared over night and all of a sudden you’ve fallen out of love with something you’re seriously passionate about and you don’t know what to do.

That is exactly where my brain has been the last month or so. I got sick and was out of the game for a little bit, was only just managing to get to work and back and then I was sleeping for the rest of the day and all my days off. My creative juices weren’t flowing and suddenly I found myself in this massive rut. I thought once I felt better it would all come back but it didn’t and then I started to doubt my ability at whether I was even any good at this and had I just burnt out?? My motivation was certainly lacking and lord knows where it went but I think it’s slowly returning again.

Obviously everyone deals with their ruts and motivation losses in a whole bunch of different ways but here is what I did.

  1. RE-EVALUATE. I spent time re-evaluating why I started in the first place. Why did I want to start? and it really helped for me to realise why I started and why I want to continue. I started this because it was a passion project, something I wanted to take somewhere and I had to realise that again.
  2. INSPIRATION. I found my inspiration again. I went back through Instagram and through blogs I’m subscribed too to realise what it was about their posts that I interacted with and why they resonated with me that I chose to subscribe to their feeds. I found my inspiration again.
  3. PRACTISE. I practised writing down all my different ideas. I wrote tonnes of drafts to see what felt right for me to write. What I actually wanted to post. It helped me get rid of all the “filler” ideas I had had just to have content to post. It helped me realise the kind of content that I actually want to post.
  4. RELAX. My fricking God did I need to relax. I was so panicked that I was failing because I couldn’t think of content that I wanted to write when that wasn’t the reality at all. I haven’t done much other than spend time with friends, binge watch BONES on Amazon and play Mario Kart and it has done me the world of good to just let myself relax instead of over thinking as per usual.

Honestly, I needed to take a step back and go through all of this to realise that I don’t want to post any old content just to have something to post. I want them to be posts that I really want to write and that I hope, people actually want to read.
I hope that if you are stuck in some kind of rut or lack of motivation that this helps in some kind of way. I know I’ll probably be coming back to this again at some point!

See you on the next post!

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