Hello, hi, long time no post!
So, I actually wanted to start this mini series a little while ago and I had one ready to go in my drafts and then, yes I am blaming baby brain here, I forgot and by the time I remembered it was too late to post it so we are starting here at half way through.

I am actually 19 weeks and 5 days currently but it makes more sense in my brain to round it to 20 weeks and go from there! As it stands I am pretty much half way through now which is CRAZY, it feels like it’s flown by and yet November still feels incredibly far away but I know it’s going to feel like no time at all, eeek!

I do want to preface with this with the obvious; this is my experience and it is very likely going to be completely different from what you and your partner are/may experience.

I didn’t have the smoothest of starts with my pregnancy, I felt god awful all day every day pretty much from before we found out up until maybe a week ago? I still do have days where I’m waking up and going “oh god, here we go again, the sickness is back” but it wears off pretty quickly now (touch wood) which is a positive!
My tiredness too is also wearing off a bit more! For the first 14 weeks or so, I could barely manage a few hours at work before feeling like I needed a nap and was quite frequently getting home at 5 and falling fast asleep until 9, waking up to eat and then going to sleep for the night. Now, it’s not too bad, I still have the occasional nap but it’s a lot easier to get through the day without feeling like a complete zombie two hours after waking up.

Lil Squish deffo starting to make themselves known!

My bump is well and truly starting to form now and it’s becoming more obvious that I’m pregnant even though it’s still pretty small (or at least I think so) – It’s nice to see a proper little bump form because for the last few months, I just looked like I’d been massively over fed at my Grandma’s house!
I also felt some first proper movements the other day which is really crazy, words actually cannot describe how weird/cool it is. It almost feels like little flutters and I’m going to cherish them before they turn into full blown kicks pretty quickly!!

We have our 20 week scan on Monday and hopefully if lil Squish decides to be kind to us, we will get to find out what we are having and then the true money spending starts! I have been dying to find out so we can start planning nursery themes and start picking names! We do have a list of names for girls and boys but it’ll be nice to finally start picking one instead of collecting what I can only describe as the longest list of names you’ve ever seen!

The baby grows are from Debenhams and the other bits were gifts from family so not sure where they’re from!

That’s pretty much the round up!
Feeling a lot better than I was at the start and am looking forward to the second half!
I cannot believe that we are having a freaking baby! Not sure if that will settle in before the baby is born but that’s where we are at!

I’m probably going to do some regular check ins from now until Squish arrives and maybe a couple other pregnancy posts too in the mean time! So check back for more content like this as well as the regular!

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