If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know that I am a major makeup fan and I, for sure, will buy things from overseas and suck up the shipping and customs cost because your girl needs all the makeup, even when it’s not readily available in the UK.

I have ordered from Colourpop once before, way before they changed up their international shipping game and I did have to pay customs when it arrived. However, Colourpop have upped their game massively and now do free international shipping on orders over $50 (£40) and they also factor in custom charges when you place your order so you don’t have to pay more when your order actually arrives which is a gods send, let me tell ya.

Here’s what I got:

First thing I added to my basket was the “Main Squeeze” eyeshadow palette, the warm, red/pink/plum/gold tones spoke to my soul in such a way that I couldn’t just scroll past it. I’ve had a play with it and it swatches so beautifully and the colours are so vibrant that if you’re really into bright red colours but don’t want to pay a fortune then this is perfect. ($12 / £9.80)

Next up was the “Orange you glad?” palette. Again, look at those warm orange/peach tones?? Who is gonna pass up on that? Not me! I have used this a few times and the pigmentation is UNREAL. You really do only need a small amount on your brush for it to make an impact. So buttery, blendable and so affordable! My only downside is the middle shade “Clementine” is pretty much pure glitter instead of a regular shimmery pressed eyeshadow, it does look very pretty but it’s not my favourite formula in the palette. ($12 / £9.80)

I have had my eye on this eyeliner for a long time and it did not disappoint. It’s the creme gel liner in “Mr.Bing” which was a liner brought out in collab with KathleenLights a few years back. I am obsessed with brown liners at the minute, I think they really tie a look together and this is such a beautiful liner. It’s a true matte, deep chocolate brown that has really great staying power, especially in the waterline and it has been a great addition to my makeup bag and most of my everyday looks. ($5.50 / £4.50)

My final eye product that I bought is another collab piece but I couldn’t resist, I’m a sucker for a liquid eyeshadow. I think they make eye looks so beautiful and vibrant but they’re also so quick and easy to use that they’re a staple in my collection. I was going to buy both liquid eyeshadows from the Zoella collab but one was out of stock. This is the shade “OG” and it’s this Champagne Gold with flecks of glitter in, which usually I would hate but it works so well with this formula. It dries down pretty quickly but it looks amazing. ($7.50 / £6.14)

I feel like everyone knows about this highlighter but I couldn’t resist. This is the super shock highlight in “Flexitarian” – I feel like this is an OG holy grail product and it certainly lives up to the hype for me. The formula of the super shock products are so bouncy and creamy considering it’s a pressed formula and the white champagne colour works really well with my fairer skin tone. For best results for general highlighting, I just use a small, slightly dense brush but for super intense looks (mainly for my inner corners) I just use my finger to get the most colour pay off. ($8 / £6.55)

On to my final two products! Both are lipsticks because can you really do a Colourpop order and not come away with at least one lipstick?
I’ve never tried one of their liquid lipsticks but have heard such great things that I had to try one and as I was scrolling through I found this Ultra Satin Lip in collab with KathleenLights in the shade “Dreamy” and let me tell you, this colour is such a me shade. It’s a really lovely mid pink with some peachy tones in it and goes on so smoothly. I find it a little tacky (like hardly noticeable) but it wears really nicely throughout the day and doesn’t flake off when eating or drinking which is always a bonus so no need to reapply as the day goes on. ($7 / £5.73)

And finally, probably the one thing in my order that I was most excited for is this lipstick! I have been obsessed with the Disney Villains collection since it launched and I was so unbelievably excited to get my hands on this lipstick.
This is the Creme Lux Lipstick in the shade “Dr.Facilier” – I know for a fact that this is going to become my favourite autumn/winter lipstick. It’s this lovely warm toned berry shade in a really smooth, non-drying but long lasting formula that actually makes me want to cry every time I look at it. Plus, look at that packaging?! How amazing is that box, I mean, come on?! ($8 / £6.55)

So, that’s my little Colourpop haul. All in all, it’s a really great value for money brand and the quality is insane for the prices you pay.
My overall experience with their improved international shipping system was brilliant and makes them so much more accessible to those outside of the U.S. I will 100% be ordering from them again in the future.

Have you ordered from Colourpop before? What were you favourites/recommendations?

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