Yes, yes I know. You’re probably all sat reading this going “this bitch only just discovered mom jeans?” and honestly my only answer is yes this bitch did.

I’ve wanted to try them for ages but I’ve always been a bit wary of them and it wasn’t until I made a comment in the shop and Sam went “just do it” (he will forever enable my shopping habits whether he wants to admit it or not) that I caved and my life changed forever.

I am typically a high waisted skinny jeans kinda girl so for me to like another style of jeans is very big and I love it. The freedom I have to bend my legs is amazing, seriously.

Here’s my three current go-to styles for my mom jeans:

Like the great Miranda Priestley once said “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking” – I love a floral top, I think they go so well with most things and I love this tighter fit crop as they balance each other out with the looser fit of the jeans. LOVE IT. Chuck on some heeled boots, a cute belt and some rings and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

This is my “I’m a grown up, promise” kinda look – smart casual vibes. A cute shirt tucked in or a half tuck if that’s your fancy (I sized up because otherwise the buttons will have never done up over my boobs) and then because my jeans are rolled up, espadrilles look really cute with them. This is definitely more of a well into spring look but it’s one that’s really easy to throw on but still look put together and like you made the effort!

Honestly, maybe my favourite of the bunch to be honest. Very cosy, over sized cardigan tucked in but still a little slouchy, add a belt for an extra lil something if you want- a very running errands, homey kinda outfit. Throw on some trainers (my vans will forever be my go to) and you’re good to go. A go-to/everyday look.

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