I’m a brunette by nature, a blonde by bleach and a rose gold colour by lockdown.
I’m not someone who typically changes their hair a lot, I’ve been blonde for the best part of 5 years and decided to do a semi permanent rose gold to jazz up lockdown life but also only did a semi permanent so I could return back to the mothership of blonde when the time comes so here’s what I use to keep my colours.

I get the actual colour done professionally, I would not recommend trying to go blonde on your own. The risk of screwing up your hair is too high so just don’t do it at home!
To keep it the ashy blonde I have, I use the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, they’re both £8 and the best that I’ve found (after a lot of trial and error of others) for keeping my colour nice and ashy for a decent amount of time. I alternate and will use these guys for one wash and then just a regular shampoo/conditioner duo the next just to stop my hair from going purple (although that’s also a vibe.)

For Rose Gold, I used the Bleach London Rose Gold Semi Permanent colour which is £6. It didn’t take to my hair super vibrant as I’m not a platinum blonde and obviously the lighter your hair the better it takes but it went a really lovely soft rose gold that worked really well for me it lasts for 2-10 washes but to keep the colour topped up and a little pinker, I’ve been using the Bleach London Rosé shampoo. These as a combo have worked a treat to keep my rose gold looking fresh.

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