I say it every year but Autumn/Winter will forever be my favourite season for so many reasons, one being I can whip out my winter lipstick stash.
    These are the 4 this season that I have reached for, for absolutely every occasion.
    Let me know what your go-to has been this winter!

    From Bottom to Top: DreamyGingerbread GirlAre you filming?Dr.Facilier

    First up, I’ve spoken about both of these lipsticks before over in my colourpop haul post a few months back (which you can read *here*) as they both came in that order and in that post I said that I could see these becoming part of my favourites for the season and I was right!

    The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in “Dreamy”. I love this. It’s a beautiful mid-toned pink that just goes with everything and it’s super lightweight and non-drying, so no clinging to dry patches! Perfect if you don’t want to be too daring with your look and great for an everyday shade.

    The Colourpop X Disney Villains lipstick in “Dr.Facilier”. Probably my favourite out of these four. It’s just a beautiful warm, berry lipstick. Creamy yet long-lasting formula. Perfect to pop in your bag and take anywhere, especially as it’s a bullet, not a liquid lipstick. Definitely my go-to right now.

    Now we are out of colourpop territory and on to the final two!

    The TooFaced Melted Matte in “Gingerbread Girl”. I love, love, love this shade and she is actually now reduced to clear so only £12 which is a bloody bargain, let me tell you.
    Hand on heart, the most perfect rust/brick red shade that will compliment anyone. It’s so beautiful and adds just the right amount of something-something to your look plus, it smells like Gingerbread? who can not love that?! Formula wise, it dries down matte but without being drying on the lips, which is exactly what we all want from a matte.

    The Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson collab in “Are You Filming?”. I’m not usually a huge fan of bright reds but my goodness I love this lipstick. It’s such a vibrant, true red and stays in place so well which is always a worry with this kind of colour but Jeffree’s formula is so well done that I didn’t even think about it flaking off. Well worth the purchase if you can get your hands on it.


    If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know that I am a major makeup fan and I, for sure, will buy things from overseas and suck up the shipping and customs cost because your girl needs all the makeup, even when it’s not readily available in the UK.

    I have ordered from Colourpop once before, way before they changed up their international shipping game and I did have to pay customs when it arrived. However, Colourpop have upped their game massively and now do free international shipping on orders over $50 (£40) and they also factor in custom charges when you place your order so you don’t have to pay more when your order actually arrives which is a gods send, let me tell ya.

    Here’s what I got:

    First thing I added to my basket was the “Main Squeeze” eyeshadow palette, the warm, red/pink/plum/gold tones spoke to my soul in such a way that I couldn’t just scroll past it. I’ve had a play with it and it swatches so beautifully and the colours are so vibrant that if you’re really into bright red colours but don’t want to pay a fortune then this is perfect. ($12 / £9.80)

    Next up was the “Orange you glad?” palette. Again, look at those warm orange/peach tones?? Who is gonna pass up on that? Not me! I have used this a few times and the pigmentation is UNREAL. You really do only need a small amount on your brush for it to make an impact. So buttery, blendable and so affordable! My only downside is the middle shade “Clementine” is pretty much pure glitter instead of a regular shimmery pressed eyeshadow, it does look very pretty but it’s not my favourite formula in the palette. ($12 / £9.80)

    I have had my eye on this eyeliner for a long time and it did not disappoint. It’s the creme gel liner in “Mr.Bing” which was a liner brought out in collab with KathleenLights a few years back. I am obsessed with brown liners at the minute, I think they really tie a look together and this is such a beautiful liner. It’s a true matte, deep chocolate brown that has really great staying power, especially in the waterline and it has been a great addition to my makeup bag and most of my everyday looks. ($5.50 / £4.50)

    My final eye product that I bought is another collab piece but I couldn’t resist, I’m a sucker for a liquid eyeshadow. I think they make eye looks so beautiful and vibrant but they’re also so quick and easy to use that they’re a staple in my collection. I was going to buy both liquid eyeshadows from the Zoella collab but one was out of stock. This is the shade “OG” and it’s this Champagne Gold with flecks of glitter in, which usually I would hate but it works so well with this formula. It dries down pretty quickly but it looks amazing. ($7.50 / £6.14)

    I feel like everyone knows about this highlighter but I couldn’t resist. This is the super shock highlight in “Flexitarian” – I feel like this is an OG holy grail product and it certainly lives up to the hype for me. The formula of the super shock products are so bouncy and creamy considering it’s a pressed formula and the white champagne colour works really well with my fairer skin tone. For best results for general highlighting, I just use a small, slightly dense brush but for super intense looks (mainly for my inner corners) I just use my finger to get the most colour pay off. ($8 / £6.55)

    On to my final two products! Both are lipsticks because can you really do a Colourpop order and not come away with at least one lipstick?
    I’ve never tried one of their liquid lipsticks but have heard such great things that I had to try one and as I was scrolling through I found this Ultra Satin Lip in collab with KathleenLights in the shade “Dreamy” and let me tell you, this colour is such a me shade. It’s a really lovely mid pink with some peachy tones in it and goes on so smoothly. I find it a little tacky (like hardly noticeable) but it wears really nicely throughout the day and doesn’t flake off when eating or drinking which is always a bonus so no need to reapply as the day goes on. ($7 / £5.73)

    And finally, probably the one thing in my order that I was most excited for is this lipstick! I have been obsessed with the Disney Villains collection since it launched and I was so unbelievably excited to get my hands on this lipstick.
    This is the Creme Lux Lipstick in the shade “Dr.Facilier” – I know for a fact that this is going to become my favourite autumn/winter lipstick. It’s this lovely warm toned berry shade in a really smooth, non-drying but long lasting formula that actually makes me want to cry every time I look at it. Plus, look at that packaging?! How amazing is that box, I mean, come on?! ($8 / £6.55)

    So, that’s my little Colourpop haul. All in all, it’s a really great value for money brand and the quality is insane for the prices you pay.
    My overall experience with their improved international shipping system was brilliant and makes them so much more accessible to those outside of the U.S. I will 100% be ordering from them again in the future.

    Have you ordered from Colourpop before? What were you favourites/recommendations?


    I have been a Lush fan for as long as I can remember. There’s something about going in store and being over whelmed by any and all fragrances and let’s be real, all bath bombs and bubble bars look so cute that it’s kind of hard not to spend hours getting lost in the swirl of “Oh, what’s that?” or “I haven’t used that before, add it to the basket” and before you know it, you’ve got £500 worth of face masks and bath bombs that will last you until the bloody apocalypse.

    So when I was in town the other day and mentioned that I wanted to stock up my stash did we pop in and there was the Valentines launch front and centre.
    Honestly the first thing my eyes saw were the Aubergine and the Peach emoji styled bath bombs because of my sense of humour and I thought it was hilarious and actually a really clever idea, but mostly just funny. So they were the first ones that we picked up and then we stumbled across this cute blue and pink boat called the Love Boat and naturally, that went straight in the basket too because what 20 year old doesn’t want a bath bomb boat in their tub? Whilst I was at it, I also picked up my favourite bomb which is the Intergalactic and my favourite bubble bar, The Comforter (both amazing but the Comforter smells like Ribena to me which is actually a really comforting smell so it works!

    I do wanna start with the ones that aren’t apart of the Valentines collection and just say that Intergalactic will always be in my top 3, easily! It’s the beautiful swirl of blues and pinks and yellows and a fuck tonnes of glitter to make you feel like you’re floating in the milky way. It’s beautiful but just a psa that the glitter is very difficult to get off your tub but totally worth it.
    Of course, The Comforter. My favourite bubble bar, the only thing I re purchase every single time I go into store. My Ribena bubble bath dream. That is all.

    Now on to the Valentines, lovey stuff.

    First one I used was the Peachy bath bomb (which you can buy here: Peachy Bath bomb) which retails for £3.95. This was everything I hoped it would be. It created the peachiest bath of all my dreams. It fizzed out peach and pink tones and a fair few bubbles that twisted into this sparkly peach dream that made my skin feel lovely and obvs smelt like peaches and I felt SO content that I could have stayed in that dreaminess for the rest of my life. Deffo not an exaggeration. Not at all.

    Next up is the Love Boat (which you can get here: Love Boat) and this retails for £4.50 – This has the prettiest blue and pink swirl with cute little love heart shaped oil beads that made my skin feel wonderful. It eventually evened out to a beautiful pink pink tone with some sparkles in it and it made the room smell like literal sweets and as someone who loves sweets, let me tell ya it was heavenly!

    And lastly, the one we’ve all been waiting for, the Aubergine (which you can get here: Aubergine) and this goes for £3.95. I will say that out of all of them this was my favourite. Not just because it is wonderful and funny to look at but I lurvee the colour and it smelled like Parma Violets and that makes it an automatic win in my book. This one stayed purple throughout, it didn’t throw out 50,000 different colours before settling into what it should look like. Again, it had some sparkles in it (I’m pretty sure that’s just the norm for all bath bombs) but these actually washed out of my bathtub and didn’t cling to the sides like the Peachy one did so another win for the Aubergine. 

    So, overall, I love the Valentines collection. Apart from some glitter clinging to every surface of me and my bathroom which I fear I will never manage to completely remove, it’s great! It’s a fun, cheeky collection that’s worth the purchase!


    In true me fashion, I am ten thousand years late to the “what i got for Christmas” post train but better late than never, eh?. I debated for a while about even doing one of these but I polled it on my Instagram and the majority wanted one so here it is!

    So, obviously I had to ask for fresh bottle of the Urban Decay “All nighter” setting spray. This will get you and your makeup through the biggest cry session of your life and still look great. It’s become an essential.

    The Chanel “Soleil tan de Chanel” was a big ask but I have been lusting after this for what feels like years and I can confirm that it most definitely lives up to the hype!

    The ‘Hello Halo” from Wet ‘n’ Wild was actually a purchase I made myself but I actually really like it. It’s a sweet, subtle highlight to just whack on before your foundation.

    I have the first Soph X Revolution palette and decided that I ultimately couldn’t live without the second one. It’s affordable and wonderful.

    This Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette is one of the things that I did least expect tbh. It’s been sold out everywhere for months and according to my fiance the struggle was real to nab this but he did and honestly, the colours just do something to my soul. My soul is very happy even just looking at the picture of this palette. It looks bomb asf on the eyes. Worth it, worth it, worth it

    If you can’t tell already I basically asked for a lot of the high end products that have been on my lust list for months in hopes that some might make their way to me and they did!
    I want to put it out there that I am already a huge fan of Nars products so I think it was no surprise that I asked or their new mascara. It’s amazing.
    I also want to put it out there that I have been jealous of NikkieTutorials highlight for years and I finally got to get my hands on her Ofra collab and my god, you’ll see my highlight before you see me. It’s wonderful and if you can get your hands on it, then do!!!

    There was a whole bunch of other makeup bits that I also got for Christmas like the Nars laguna bronzer and some lipsticks from Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Too Faced and Morphe but when I was taking my photos they weren’t cooperating and I got in a strop with them so gave up but that’s just the way it is!

    Thank you so much for reading and let me know in the comments if you got any makeup bits that you’ve been lusting after!

    Instagram: ashlxighjane


    It is no secret whatsoever that I am a huge makeup lover.
    I own seven hundred of everything and will continue to buy more.
    Out of all the brands out there though, I have never owned any Morphe products. I’ve definitely thought about it but to be honest, I forgot that you could even buy it in the UK as I’m so used to just not being able to buy certain products without having to pay a customs fee that is equivalent to a small mortgage.
    However, one morning I checked my emails to see that Beauty Bay was having an up to 40% off sale on all Morphe products so naturally I turned over to my boyfriend and told him that I hoped he was prepared to go into some debt because I was going to spend my entire paycheck (obvs joking..kinda) so I had a little nosy through the site, a lot of it was out of stock because the makeup community goes a lil crazy when there is a sale lets be real but I did pick up a couple of things.


    I am a huge eyeshadow palette girl, I want to own every single one I see (it’s a real issue) and a lot of the ones I wanted like the 350 and the Jaclyn Hill collab were out of stock but I stumbled across one of the medium sized palettes that is warm tone heaven I swear. The one I went for in the end was the “Happy Hour” (15H) palette and I won’t lie, I was a little sceptical about whether it would live up to the hype that Youtube and Instagram have given it but OH MY GOODNESS YES.  It is a phenomenal palette, hands down one of the best ones that I now own. I have some super high end products that don’t perform as well as this one does and this is only a fraction of the cost.
    At full price it retails for £15 which to me is SO reasonable for 15 shades. 6 shimmers and the rest are matte shades. So buttery, so soft. The pigment is definitely there, you only need to tap your brush into the pan to get an immense colour pay off, especially with the shimmers they are just “pow” no need for any fix+ to pack that extra punch of colour, it is already there.


    I also picked up a travel set of brushes, I live away from my family so I thought it would be handy for when I am travelling to see them so I wouldn’t have to bring my entire brush collection along with me.
    I ended up buying the Set 706 – A 12 piece black and white travel brush set. It is mostly eye brushes with a couple face brushes for blush and contour purposes, I apply my foundation with a beauty blender so I wasn’t concerned about the lack of flat top foundation brush (it does come with a paddle brush that can be used for foundation but I personally hate them for that) but again, they did not disappoint. They are SO soft which is quite important to me as my skin is quite sensitive and none of the brushes absorb any products which is obviously a huge bonus as you’re not wasting product!  I have also washed them after using them all week and they clean super quick, the colour just runs straight out and they keep their softness after washing, which some brushes don’t and they have a super quick dry time too. Obviously they’re a travel set so they come in a quite little black and white striped box which is great for storage.
    The brushes retail for £25 at full price which, again, I think is really reasonable when that’s 12 different brushes and a box to keep them in.


    Overall, the quality of the products is insane, wayyyy better than I ever expected and you’re getting so much out of them for your money. It’s definitely worth the spend and I am 100% going to buy more, I’ve got my eye on some more of their eyeshadow palettes and I definitely want to ty out some more of their face products and their liquid lipsticks as I have heard some great things about them too!

    What are your thoughts on Morphe? and what (if any) products or brands out their that you’d like me to test/review and see if it’s worth the hype?


    Now, I don’t know about you but every single time I go to do a bit of a makeup shop I always buy a lipstick. I can’t help it, something comes over me and before I know it I have bought myself 10 new nude lipsticks, I’m not entirely sure how it happens to be honest. I am convinced that they just jump into my shopping basket at this point.

    Usually, I can’t decide which ones I’d class as a “favourite” but I’ve gone off the basis of the ones I reach for the most and don’t regret putting on an hour later when it’s all come off after eating and drinking or it’s really dried out my lips and I just sit contemplating why I ever paid for it in the first place.  However, I have managed to discover and re-discover some hidden gems that I’ve really been loving.

    First up is the Too Faced Melted Matte in the shade: SELL OUT (£19) – I bought this back in June from Sephora during my trip to Rome and it’s heavenly to wear. It a super lovely, warm pinky/brown tone that really complements my skin tone and feels very comfortable to wear. You do get a good wear time out of these lipsticks too which is obviously what you want when you’re spending £19 on a lipstick! Worth the purchase and will re-buy when it runs out!

    Secondly, is the Bare Minerals Statement Matte in the shade: FIRE (£17) – This was actually a gift that was given to me by my boyfriends Dad and I am loving his colour pick. Red isn’t a colour I would pick for myself (I own loads but hardly wear them) but it isn’t too red which I actually love, it has more of an orange undertone which suits me more and is a super cute spring colour if you want that extra pop! My only thing with this liquid lip is that it is definitely more of a velvety finish than a matte which makes it far more comfortable to have on but your wear time is reduced a little bit!

    Lastly, is the KYLIE COSMETICS MATTE LIP  in the shade: KOKO K (£20) – I bought this a long time ago back when Kylie Cosmetics first launched and the site crashed every time I tried to place my order but I have loved this lipstick ever since it arrived on my door step! It comes off slightly more pinky/purply on me but I really like it. It is SO long lasting it is unreal but when it dries, my god do you know about it! It’s not uncomfortable, you are just aware of it sometimes. I combat it by putting lip balm on before and throughout the day when it gets a little much and it’s all good! Obviously, my only downside is that it does ship from the USA so you have to factor in delivery time and the cost of customs (mine, unfortunately, was quite a bit).

    So, there you have it. My current higher end liquid lip favourites, what are yours?